Germany Will Provide Ukraine With “Marders” and “Patriots”

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, January 6, 2023
Germany Will Provide Ukraine With “Marders” and “Patriots”

The SPD MP named the timing of the transfer of systems and their quantity

German deputy for the foreign policy of the ruling SPD Nils Schmid, on the air of rbb24 Inforadio called the timeframe in which Ukraine can receive the Marder Infantry fighting vehicle.

"We assume that the Bundeswehr can do without about 40 of these vehicles, or that it can use industrial stocks. It will take some time for the Ukrainians to familiarize themselves with them, but we will be able to deliver these weapons in the first quarter of this year," Nils Schmid.

According to the deputy, Germany has been working on the transfer of Marder for a long time and is coordinating its steps with NATO: Germany has "no taboo" on the transfer of military equipment to Ukraine, but each piece of equipment must meet the situation on the battlefield without forcing NATO to enter the war.

"We are far from tired of supporting Ukraine," Nils Schmid.

On January 5, during a telephonic conversation between Olaf Scholz and Joe Biden, the German side announced that it would transfer Patriot air defence to Ukraine immediately after the AFU received these batteries from the United States.

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