“GitLab” will Go Public with a Valuation of $10 Billion

by Anastasiia Lieberman
Tuesday, October 12, 2021
“GitLab” will Go Public with a Valuation of $10 Billion

Due to increased demand, the company's share price before the IPO increased from $55 to $60 to $66 to $69 per share

Reuters reported that Dmitry Zaporozhets' GitLab plans to go public with an estimate of $ 10 billion.

According to the latest data, GitLab's estimate was about $6 billion last year.

It is noted that during the IPO, the company will be able to raise about $717 million if it places shares at the upper mark.

The exact date of the IPO has not yet been announced. The placement will take place on the NASDAQ exchange.

Kharkiv citizen Dmitry Zaporozhets started working on GitLab in 2011, having a permanent job. Zaporozhets decided to create an alternative to GitHub, which could be installed on your server since the analogs were too expensive. In 2013, the second founder, Dutch entrepreneur Sid Sibranji, joined the invest.com/investing-in-ukraine/business-opportunities/startups/" rel="dofollow">startup. From that point on, they started working on GitLab full-time.

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