Global Manufacturer of Irrigation Equipment Enters Ukraine

by Anna Gayduk
Tuesday, November 16, 2021
Global Manufacturer of Irrigation Equipment Enters Ukraine

Ministry of agrarian policy and food of Ukraine and “Valmont, Inc.” signed a memorandum of cooperation

According to the ministry, it is the number one company in the world, which has a 75-year history in the production of full-cycle irrigation equipment with a capitalization of more than $5 billion. Almost every second irrigation system in the world is their product.

“The company is aware of the successful implementation of the land reform and the start of the irrigation reform in Ukraine. It has ambitious plans to deploy its production in our country with a high level of localization: it will be able to produce and sell in Ukraine full-cycle irrigation systems from pumping stations to sprinklers of the latest generation,” said Roman Leshchenko, minister of agrarian policy and food of Ukraine.

According to him, next year the program of compensation of 25% to manufacturers of domestic" rel="dofollow">agricultural equipment will be prolonged, and the state program to support the commissioning of new developed lands is being scaled up, provided that the new improvement infrastructure is introduced at Ukrainian factories.

Valmont Industries, Inc. is a publicly available US manufacturer of pivot and line irrigation equipment for the Valley center, windmill supports, lighting and traffic poles, and steel poles.

Valmont Industries, Inc. includes four main business segments:

  • engineering support systems;
  • coverings;
  • irrigation facilities;
  • engineering Communication.

Valmont Industries, Inc. manufactures products in more than 80 factories located on 6 continents and collaborates with more than 22 countries.

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