Grain Instead of Coal

by Meifan Honcharuk
Wednesday, July 12, 2023
Grain Instead of Coal

The Slovak company is ready to transship Ukrainian grain along the routes that previously delivered coal from Donetsk

Until 2014, the private Slovak electricity producer Slovenské elektrárne used Donetsk coal in its production (Donetsk is the largest coal region in Ukraine ed.). To deliver coal, a railway was built between Donetsk city and the Slovak heat station in Voyany town. Slovenské elektrárne and the EPH railway are owned by one company EP Cargo. Now that there is no coal delivery from Donetsk to Voyany, EP Cargo offers to use its railroads and reloading points to deliver Ukrainian grain to EU ports.

"Cargoes in 1.520 mm track wagons from Ukraine can now be transported to Voyany and directly reloaded into 1.435 mm track wagons for further shipment to Polish, German or Adriatic ports," EP Cargo.

Recall that today Ukraine does not deliver its agricultural products to 5 EU countries, however, these countries allowed Ukraine to transit through their territories to deliver products to the port and further to countries-importers.

Over the past year, Ukraine has been actively developing logistics along the Danube, which has become especially important after another Russia's withdrawal from the grain agreements.

Earlier, the Lithuanian company Lietuvos gelezinkeliai and the German Deutsche Bahn have already spoken about the need to strengthen the rail export of grain and launched relevant projects.

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