Grants for War Veterans to Launch Startups

by Meifan Honcharuk
Friday, July 8, 2023
Grants for War Veterans to Launch Startups

Assistance in opening their own business is part of the state support for the military who returned to civilian life

The Ministry of economy of Ukraine and private companies KSE Graduate Business School and KSE Foundation signed a Memorandum of cooperation fundamental for the care and adaptation of Ukrainians who returned from the front and their families. As part of the memorandum, the veteran and his spouse can receive a grant of up to ₴1 million from the state to start their own business. Uniting families in a common cause will help quickly return the military to the civilian rhythm of life and help build up the state's economic power.

"Veterans who have returned to civilian life, giving up their health, are not forgotten people who have come to nowhere. They are building the future of our state next to us. And now they have the economic tools to do so. It is very valuable that the state gives an opportunity to the non-profit sector and public organisations to join this," said Svetlana Denisenko, director of the KSE Foundation.

KSE Graduate Business School will help the competition participants to draw up a competent business plan, and the KSE Foundation provides consulting.

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