Hague Prosecutor Karim Khan in Bucha

by Olha Povaliaieva
Sunday, April 17, 2022
Hague Prosecutor Karim Khan in Bucha

Karim Kham visited the crime scene of the occupiers in the Kyiv region in order to record the atrocities of Russia and collect evidence

Prosecutor of the Hague Court Karim Khan flew to Ukraine to visit Bucha and cooperate with the prosecutor general of Ukraine, Irina Venediktova.

According to the International Criminal Court prosecutor, deepening cooperation is necessary to bring to justice all those responsible for war crimes on the territory of Ukraine.

“Prosecutor Karim Khan on a visit to Bucha: "Ukraine is a crime scene. We're here because we have reasonable grounds to believe that crimes within the jurisdiction of the ICC are being committed. We have to pierce the fog of war to get to the truth," the Hague Court tweeted.

According to Karim Khan, the court has “reasonable grounds for believing that crimes within the court's jurisdiction are being committed in Bucha.”

Latvia, in turn, transferred €100.000 to the Hague Court to continue the investigation of Russia's crimes against Ukraine. The president of Latvia also called on other countries to do the same to facilitate an early investigation and bring the perpetrators to justice.

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