Happy Saturday: Ukrainian Children and Defenders Returned Home 

by Roman Cheplyk
Saturday, February 4, 2023
Happy Saturday: Ukrainian Children and Defenders Returned Home 

16 children and 116 Ukrainian soldiers returned from Russian captivity

On 4 February, 16 children which Russians illegally took to occupied Crimea and Russia were returned to Ukraine. It is reported that the occupants were "healing" the children in specially created camps. There are no details about the children’s stay in Russian captivity yet. The youngest stolen child is 8 years old, the oldest is 17. All children have parents and other relatives. Some parents have not seen their children for almost a year.

Also,  on February 4, the head of the office of the president, Andriy Yermak, informed that an extensive exchange of prisoners of war took place between Ukraine and Russia. Ukraine has returned 116 defenders and bodies of foreign volunteers, Ukrainian volunteer soldiers killed by the Russian army. Russia was given 63 prisoners. This was confirmed by the ministry of defence of Russia.

2 officers, 114 sergeants, and ordinary soldiers returned to the not occupied Ukrainian land. Today the exchange list includes Ukrainian defenders from Mariupol and Bahmut zone. In addition, the murderers were released from Kherson and others. In addition, partisans from Kherson and other fighters were released from the hands of the murderer.

It is reported that 85 heroes who serve in the armed forces of Ukraine are returning home, 2 members of the special operations forces of Ukraine (since 2016, have protected Donetsk and Lugansk region), 8 members of territorial defence, 7 members of the national guard, 6 persons from the national police, 5 employees of the border service, 2 soldiers of the naval forces and 1 representative of the rescue service.

Also, the Russian Federation gave the body of 2 foreign volunteers – Christopher Perry and Andrew Begshaw, and the deceased Ukrainian military volunteer, who was part of the French foreign Legion. This Ukrainian returned from abroad after the Russian invasion and became a member of the Ukrainian army.

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