“Heineken” Exits the Russian Market

by Meifan Honcharuk
Thursday, April 20, 2023
“Heineken” Exits the Russian Market

The company has found a buyer in Russia, and if the issue is optimally resolved, it will soon leave the market of the aggressor country

Heineken kept its word about exiting the Russian market and announced that it had finally found a buyer for the Russian branch. The amount of the deal was not made public in accordance with the agreements with the Russian authorities.

After the full-scale attack of Russia on Ukraine, Heineken announced that it will withdraw from the Russian market. For the last year, the brewery has been looking for a buyer and has tried to prevent its decline. To do this, the company released several new products (to provide work for 1.700 factory workers) and raised product prices (inflation). Despite these measures, Heineken's profit for the last year fell slightly compared to the previous year and amounted to €403 million.

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