Help from Ukraine for the Polish Border Guards

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, November 19, 2021
Help from Ukraine for the Polish Border Guards

Ukraine sends its employees to the Poland/Belarus border to assess the crisis and further help protect the inviolability of Poland's borders

The migration crisis on the Polish border is causing concern in the international community. Ukraine, as a friendly state to Poland, sends representatives of its" rel="dofollow">establishment and a group of border officials to assess what is happening. This was announced by the Minister of internal affairs of Ukraine Denys Monastyrskyy.

“I personally and the leaders of the State border guard service, the National police, the National guard are in close contact and contact with the relevant leaders from the Republic of Poland, Lithuania. to discuss security issues. And to ensure clear coordination", said Monastyrskyy.

The head of the Ministry of internal affairs announced cooperation with the State border guard service of Ukraine and similar administrations from Poland.

"In particular, we agreed that a group of border guards will go to the border with Poland in order to see how, what threats, how it happens directly on the state border of the Republic of Belarus and Poland ... This visit will take place in the near future," added Monastyrskyy.

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