Hemp Cultivation in Ukraine

by Meifan Honcharuk
Saturday, September 10, 2022
Hemp Cultivation in Ukraine

The Institute of agriculture of Ukraine has developed a new variety of hemp, which can be used to make fibre for ropes, parachutes and body armour

Ukraine, first of all, is a country of courage, and secondly, of agriculture. We know what to grow and how to apply the harvest. The traditional Ukrainian culture in Ukraine is not only grain but also hemp. From time immemorial, Ukrainians have been making fibre from hemp and sewing clothes and household utensils from it, preparing medicines and cosmetics, and using it to insulate houses.

The other day in the Sumy region ended the annual festival Hemp Fest, organised by the Institute of agriculture of the North-East of the National academy of sciences. According to the head of the Sumy administration Dmytro Zhivitskyy, a variety of technical hemp Sofia was presented at the festival.

"It is universal in the use of both fibres and seeds. And these are double opportunities for developing various industries, including defence, which is especially important in the current conditions. Technical hemp is the basis for producing gunpowder, which has no analogues in the world, high-quality raw materials for ropes and parachutes. Hemp fibre is in no way inferior to synthetic kevlar, which is used to make bulletproof vests. Hemp is also fabric for sewing natural, breathable and practically "indestructible" military clothing, underwear, which has proven itself in extreme conditions when there is no means of hygiene," Dmytro Zhivitskyy.

According to Zhivitskyy, 436 ha of industrial hemp grows in the Sumy region. This is the largest sown area of ​​this crop in Ukraine. Before the start of the war, Ukraine allocated funds to the Sumy region for developing an agrotourist hemp cluster. But due to the Russian attack, the project launch had to be put on hold.

We remind you that in Ukraine, the cultivation of cannabis and the manufacture of any narcotic product from it is illegal. However, Ukraine is developing a framework for legalising and producing medical cannabis.

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