Horrors of Occupied Kherson

by Olha Povaliaieva
Saturday, May 7, 2022
Horrors of Occupied Kherson

Russian military stealing cars, gasoline, and freedom of movement from civilians

The Kherson region has been under Russian military control since March 2. The Russian flag has already been raised over Kherson, and the occupation government has been organized. But people who could not leave for any reason continue to live in the cities and villages of the Kherson region. Ukrainians systematically attend rallies and deny their Russian affiliation. In response to the confrontation, Russian troops infringe on the rights of free people.

Chenrobaevka is already dead from a humanitarian disaster and rocket attacks in the second month. The Russian military uses banned cluster bombs, so there are many wounded Ukrainians. It is impossible to provide them with proper medical care due to the absence of necessary medicines and the overcrowding of hospitals by Russian soldiers.

The occupying forces are also constantly searching the homes of Ukrainians in the Kherson region, taking food and some property from them. War criminals often take Ukrainian cars, which are fueled by diesel fuel. Enemy tanks drive through the streets, controlling the obedience of the Ukrainians. The Russians disconnect the residents of Kherson from Ukrainian communication and the Internet. So they want to limit them from communicating with the civilized world, from being saved.

Since the beginning of May, the Russian military has blocked the entry and exit from the Kherson region. Such violation of humanitarian rules leaves people without food and water and the opportunity to come to the territory controlled by Ukraine. This was reported by the head of the Kherson regional organization Yurii Sobolevskyi.

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