How Is It — to Be Ukrainian?

In this dark, icy, egregiously terrible time for Ukrainians, we are inspired by the awareness: Ukrainians are the one family
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Until February 24, the Ukrainians had several problems that seemed significant to us. From the first second of the Russian attack on Ukraine, absolutely everything faded into the background. And one thing has become paramount for us — our statehood, our independence, our sovereignty, and our nationality. The supremacy of civilizational values, human rights and freedoms over the barbarism and darkness of the Russian army.

The war, which aimed to crush the Ukrainian people, turned it into an indestructible monolith.
With love for our country and each other, we will win this war and give the reclaimed world to our children and our democratic brothers who support us every day.

This is a collage of two photos: the first was taken on the first day of the Russian occupation of Kherson. The second photo was taken on the day Kherson was liberated from the Russians.

Glory to Ukraine!

Glory to Heroes!

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