How to Open a Remote Office and Increase Revenue

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, January 14, 2022
How to Open a Remote Office and Increase Revenue

Financial planning is very important, especially when working with full-time employees

Often, companies whose offices are located in large cities lose money at such times:

  • Highly competitive salaries of employees;
  • At a low cost of office rent and maintenance;
  • At additional costs, such as buying and maintaining a coffee machine (and which self-respecting professional will work in an office without a coffee machine?).

And the problem itself is very trivial: leaders can not count. Because of this, some projects do not make a profit at all, and some employees do not even earn their salaries.

The main difficulties when opening a remote office for you can be:

  • Financial planning;
  • Search for remote specialists;
  • Monitoring the work of remote specialists;
  • Office and employee management.

First of all, remote offices are created in order to optimize the company's labor costs. Before starting a search for specialists, the entrepreneur should calculate how profitable it will be for the company. First, keep in mind that the office will require a manager to build a project management and employee control system and an office manager to monitor the state of the office. If the team is small, 1 person will be able to handle these responsibilities. Secondly, you should immediately choose an office that already has the necessary equipment. The cost of designing and purchasing it should also be included in the financial plan.

Wages in the regions are much lower than in large cities. However, the qualifications of local professionals are no worse, and the efficiency and integrity of the case are even higher. You can always turn to job aggregators such as or DOU to find specialists. You can also place ads in thematic communities of social networks, Telegram channels.

In fact, supervising the work of professionals in a remote office should be handled by its manager. At first, of course, the presence in the office of representatives of the main office – the director of development, the entrepreneur, or his deputy. But to always be up to date on the tasks, we recommend that entrepreneurs prepare the necessary set of services and programs in advance.

The most convenient way to control the sales department is to implement a CRM system. You can pay attention to batch solutions that are easy to integrate and implement – Bitrix24, AmoCRM, Trello, etc.

Consider in advance how convenient it will be for you to interact with a remote office if it is in a region with a different time zone. Choose a location to open an office in the city center so that employees can easily get to it. Rents will usually vary slightly, and employee loyalty will increase significantly.

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