How to Register a Trademark

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, December 13, 2021
How to Register a Trademark

Procedure, exemptions

Trademark — registered verbal designation that can be composed of words, a proper name, letters, and numbers. It is also often referred to as a trademark or mark for goods and services.

There are several restrictions on the content of the trademark

  • Do not mislead consumers about the quality of a product, service, or brand owner;
  • You cannot use or imitate the symbols of the state, as well as the names or emblems of state authorities of Ukraine and other countries, seals, awards;
  • Trademarks are unique. Therefore, you cannot use designations similar to existing brands or declared for registration in Ukraine.

There are several reasons for registering a trademark

  • Registering a trademark allows you to protect your products or services from competitors. If your product is unique, then you can get a monopoly in the market;
  • When targeting your business to the whole world, the registration of a trademark in Ukraine is the first step towards the registration of an international trademark;
  • If we evaluate the trademark, and then put it on the balance sheet and contribute to the authorized capital, then the value of the enterprise can be increased;
  • You can earn royalties for using a trademark;
  • You can improve your reputation and brand awareness;
  • The trademark can be used as collateral if you need to get a loan for business development.

Trademark registration procedure in Ukraine

The organization where the trademark is registered is called Ukrpatent. To register a trademark, you must apply. Any natural or legal person can do this in person or by mail.

What you need to register a trademark

  • Trademark registration application;
  • Trademark image;
  • The list of goods and services for which a trademark is registered.

Applicant's company name and legal address for legal entities. For individuals, this information is replaced by the full name and residence of the individual. Data are submitted in Ukrainian.

Suppose the registration is carried out by a patent person and not by the applicant himself. In that case, the documents for registering a trademark must be supplemented with a power of attorney to a patent attorney.

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