Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban Visits Kyiv

by Roman Cheplyk
Tuesday, July 2, 2024
Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban Visits Kyiv

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban arrived in Kyiv on the morning of July 2, marking his first visit to Ukraine in many years

This visit is significant as it is the first time Orban has come to Ukraine during President Volodymyr Zelenskyi's tenure. His last known visit to Ukraine was in 2015 under the presidency of Petro Poroshenko, and before that, he met with then-President Yanukovych in 2012.

Key Highlights of Orban's Visit:

  1. Arrival in Kyiv:

    • Orban's motorcade, consisting of numerous cars, arrived at the Hungarian embassy in Kyiv early in the morning.
    • The visit was confirmed by multiple sources from both Ukrainian and Hungarian sides, including "EvroPravda".
  2. Expected Meetings:

    • During his visit, Orban is expected to hold talks with President Volodymyr Zelenskyi and other top Ukrainian officials.
    • This visit follows a recent encounter between Orban and Zelenskyi at the EU leaders' summit in Brussels.
  3. Context of the Visit:

    • The visit is seen as a step towards improving relations between Kyiv and Budapest, possibly influenced by pressure from the European Union.
    • As part of the negotiations to begin Ukraine's accession to the EU, Ukraine has agreed to meet several conditions set by Hungary. Some of these conditions are challenging to fulfill, necessitating high-level agreements between the leaders.
  4. Hungary's EU Presidency:

    • On July 1, Hungary began its six-month rotating presidency of the EU Council, taking over from Belgium.
    • President Zelenskyi congratulated Hungary on the start of its EU Council presidency.

Significance of the Visit

This visit is particularly notable given the strained relations between Ukraine and Hungary in recent years. The discussions between Orban and Zelenskyi are expected to focus on improving bilateral relations and addressing the conditions related to Ukraine's EU accession process. The visit is also significant in the context of Hungary's new role in the EU Council presidency, which could influence the dynamics of EU-Ukraine relations.

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