Hungary Supports Ukraine’s Accession to the EU

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, May 10, 2022
Hungary Supports Ukraine’s Accession to the EU

On May 9, Hungarian ambassador to Ukraine Istvan Iidarto stressed that Ukraine is an essential partner of Hungary, and when the issue of Ukraine's accession to the EU is raised, Hungary will support this decision

Istvan Iidarto was born during the Soviet era in the Ukrainian city of Berehove. At the age of 13, he traveled to Hungary with his parents and has now returned to Kyiv to carry out a diplomatic mission between the two countries.

Istvan Iidyarto said that Hungary's position on Ukraine is absolutely clear:

"Russia is an aggressor, a military aggressor. And we fully support the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine. We fully condemn all human rights violations against Ukrainian citizens. We call on the international community, as well as the Ukrainian side, to investigate these violations. We stand for peace and… support, as it were, кро we support the European Union's steps to help Ukraine achieve peace."

Answering unpleasant questions about claims to Transcarpathia and blocking Ukraine's accession to NATO, the ambassador said unequivocally that Hungary has no claims to Transcarpathia and anyone who claims otherwise is simply speculating on relations between the two countries. Iidyarto also added that Hungary will not block the decision when Ukraine decides to join NATO.

"If we talk about Ukraine's desire to join NATO, we have never been against it. Therefore, if Ukraine still wants to join the Alliance, we will not oppose it," said Istvan Iidarto.

The Hungarian ambassador to Ukraine stressed that both the Hungarian government and the people are in solidarity with Ukraine, support it, and, together with the Ukrainians, hope for an end to the war as soon as possible.

"Therefore, speculations that the Hungarians are against Ukraine are completely unfounded. We know everything very well. And that is why we are fully in favor of peace. We need peace. We need a prosperous and revived Ukraine. And we must regain such an important neighbor for us in the economic and many other fields."

Glory to Ukraine!

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