Hydrometeorology in Ukraine

by Evgeny Lazorenko
Thursday, January 13, 2022
Hydrometeorology in Ukraine

The government of Ukraine has supported a project that will improve the work of hydrometeorological services in Ukraine

Ukrainian meteorologists will be able to share hydrometeorological observation data and forecasts with foreign services.

In the long run, this should contribute to the implementation of high-quality hydrometeorological observations and observations of the level of environmental pollution. It is planned that in Ukraine the efficiency of forecasting will increase in general.

Hydrometeorological information and forecasts play a significant role for Ukrainian society. The World Meteorological Organization notes that the vast majority of material and human losses are caused by natural disasters on Earth. In turn, the UN reports that almost 90% of natural disasters are related to weather and climate. Therefore, the improvement of hydrometeorology in the country will allow us to respond more effectively to the challenges caused by changes in nature.

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