Hydropower of Ukraine

by Meifan Honcharuk
Monday, November 22, 2021
Hydropower of Ukraine

Hydropower — as a step of Ukraine towards energy independence

Today, solar and wind energy is widely heard and is considered the solution to all energy problems. There is unfairly little talk about water energy. World hydropower today provides about 20% of all energy production. More electricity is produced only by thermal power engineering.

The capacity of hydroelectric power plants is 1,036 GW, of which pumped storage — 142.1 GW. The largest producers of hydropower globally are the USA, Canada, Brazil, China and Russia.

Ukrainian hydropower potential

In the energy complex of Ukraine, hydroelectric power plants occupy third place after thermal and nuclear. The total installed capacity of Ukrainian hydroelectric power plants is 8% of the country's total capacity of the united energy system.

Ukraine, which has vast water resources, uses only 50% of them. The installed capacity of the hydroelectric power plant and pumped storage power plants in the United energy system of Ukraine is 7350 MW.

On the Ukraine territory, there are 63 TV small rivers and watercourses with a total length of 135 thousand kilometers.

Hydropower development strategies in Ukraine:

  • Completion of the construction of the Kanivska and Tashlyk PSPs;
  • Continuation of the reconstruction of the HPPs of the Dnipro cascade;
  • Construction of hydroelectric power plants on the Tisza and Dniester rivers and their tributaries;
  • Restoration of existing and construction of new HPPs on small rivers and sewers.


PJSC Ukrhydroenergo is the largest hydro-generating company in Ukraine. It is one of the 15 most prominent enterprises in the public sector of the economy, whose total assets account for 70% of the absolute indicator in the public sector.

Ukrhydroenergo produces electricity, provides the country's energy system with shunting capacities and a mobile emergency reserve, and fulfills plans for the reconstruction and construction of its facilities. One of the most ambitious projects is the Dnistrovska PSPP.

Hydroelectric unit No. 4 of the Dnistrovska PSPP

Hydroelectric unit No. 4 of the Dnistrovska PSPP has already been launched, has become the most powerful and largest PSPP in Europe. Dnistrovska PSPP is a unique structure that produces electricity and acts as a regulator of the energy system.

According to the project, the station will consist of seven hydroelectric units with a total capacity of 2268 MW, making it the first in Europe and the sixth in the world. The cost of the construction project for Unit 4 alone is over $263 million. 

The fourth hydroelectric unit of the Dnistrovska PSPP will save 300 thousand tons of coal and gas by 60-70 million dollars per year.

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