ICEYE Satellite Will Remain in Ukraine Forever

by Olha Povaliaieva
Saturday, August 20, 2022
ICEYE Satellite Will Remain in Ukraine Forever

The satellite bought with the money of Ukrainians, even after the expiry of the data access period, will remain the property of Ukraine

This was reported by EOS Data Analytics. Moreover, the satellite ICEYE is insured, and the company will send an identical replacement satellite to Ukraine if of a technical failure.

It is worth noting that Finnish company ICEYE creates satellites that are able to capture data important for decision-making in such sectors as insurance, disaster response, security, maritime monitoring and finance. For Ukraine, this satellite is essential for obtaining information on the movement of the occupation troops. Ukraine had previously received satellite imagery data from foreign companies, but the information had been delayed. Now with its own satellite, the Ukrainian army has an analytical advantage. It is reported that ICEYE is able to fully show what is happening on the Crimean bridge, which the aggressor has illegally built through annexed Crimea to Russia.

During the day, the satellite twice passes Ukraine. But at other times, obtaining images of other ICEYE satellites is possible, forming continuous data analysis.

Recall that the satellite was purchased by crowdfunding of Ukrainians for Bayraktars. Now in Ukraine will be both Bairaktar and its own satellite. Moreover, satellite images of Ukraine receive only the Ukrainian side as the satellite's owner.

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