IMF Delegation Arrives in Kyiv for Economic Discussions

by Roman Cheplyk
Thursday, May 23, 2024
IMF Delegation Arrives in Kyiv for Economic Discussions

On May 23, an International Monetary Fund (IMF) delegation, led by Alfred Kammer, the head of the European Department of the IMF, began meetings in Kyiv with representatives of the Ukrainian government

This visit marks a crucial phase in assessing Ukraine's economic conditions and policies amid ongoing challenges.

Focus of the Meetings

According to Vahram Stepanyan, the IMF's permanent representative in Ukraine, the discussions will primarily address the various economic risks facing Ukraine and evaluate the government's economic policy goals. These meetings are critical for understanding the current economic landscape and planning future financial strategies.

Following these initial discussions, the IMF mission, led by Gavin Gray, will continue talks in Warsaw starting May 27. This phase will delve into the economic policy measures necessary for the implementation of the fourth review of the Enhanced Financing Program (EFF).

Recent Financial Support

Ukraine has been actively engaging with the IMF to secure financial stability and support amid the ongoing conflict with Russia. In March, the country received a third tranche of financial aid amounting to $880 million from the IMF. This support is part of a broader financial package aimed at bolstering Ukraine's economy during these turbulent times.

Previous Discussions and Future Outlook

In February, an IMF mission reviewed the existing program for Ukraine, laying the groundwork for the current discussions. The upcoming talks in Warsaw are expected to build on these reviews, ensuring that Ukraine meets the necessary criteria and implements effective economic policies under the EFF framework.

Importance of IMF Support

The IMF's ongoing support is crucial for Ukraine's economic resilience. By addressing key risks and refining economic policies, the IMF aims to help Ukraine navigate the economic challenges posed by the war and support its path to recovery and growth.


The arrival of the IMF delegation in Kyiv signifies a critical step in evaluating and supporting Ukraine's economic policies. The discussions will focus on mitigating risks and ensuring the successful implementation of the Enhanced Financing Program. With continued IMF support, Ukraine aims to strengthen its economic stability and resilience in the face of ongoing challenges.

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