Import “Starlink” and Generators at Cost Price

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, December 2, 2022
Import “Starlink” and Generators at Cost Price

Ukraine has cancelled the duty and VAT on the import of techniques needed for survival during the shutdown 

It's no secret that Ukrainians are in a predicament right now: damaged power lines plunged cities into cold and darkness. Naturally, without electricity, we do not have the internet, mobile communications, and air raid sirens, do not always work, notifying citizens of the need to go to a shelter.

Thus, Starlink and generators became critically needed for the Ukrainians. Therefore, on November 29, the government of Ukraine added to the list of goods imported without duties and VAT, Starlink terminals, water purification products, generators, and components for all 3 groups of goods.

Previously, Ukrainian enterprises that work in the field of providing heating equipment were exempted from taxation.

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