Improved Financial Support by the Government for Vaccinated Persons

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, February 11, 2022
Improved Financial Support by the Government for Vaccinated Persons

The cabinet of ministers of Ukraine plans to extend the social payment for the vaccinated and to expand the range of services of "E-aid"

On 9 February, the cabinet of ministers considered extending the financial program following the COVID-19 vaccination. There is now an E-aid program in Ukraine. According to it, all citizens of Ukraine who have received green certificates of vaccination get practically $36 for cultural development. The Ukrainians must use the money within 4 months.

Now the government is amending the official document and wants to extend the period of use of the money from 4 to 9 months.

In addition, Ukraine was receiving a third vaccination, a booster dose, for which Ukrainians would also receive an electronic payment. The amount will be about $18.

The government is also considering expanding the scope of E-aid. In the past, payments could have been spent on trips to cinema, theatres, book and office purchases, etc. At the policy session, an item was added on the treatment of monies received for vaccinations:

  • Provision of the possibility for citizens aged 60 and over and persons with disabilities in groups I and II to use the allowance for the cost of housing and utilities and the purchase of medicines;
  • Possibility to buy train tickets.

Social support is provided on electronic bank cards. E-aid is a supplement to the public services portal Diia. 

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