Improvement of the Regulation of Notary Activity in Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, February 17, 2022
Improvement of the Regulation of Notary Activity in Ukraine

The Ukrainian government is considering the possibility of dividing notaries into public and private

In Ukraine, the professions related to jurisprudence are quite popular. It has had an impact on the emergence of a large number of private and public employees. Now notaries are divided along with the same principle: public and private. The government of Ukraine wants to improve the work of all lawyers. But first, they have to consider the legislative draft. It has already passed the first reading.

According to the law to be adopted, a single electronic system will be created in Ukraine. Such a step will make it possible to automate the processes in the activity of notaries, improve the quality of notarial actions, to ensure the reliability and protection of the notary document from forgery. The electronic system will help to stabilize civil law and reduce the burden on the judicial and law enforcement system.

The bill is also considering a transition to a single notary. According to politicians, such a step would make it possible to establish the unified status of a notary in Ukraine. This can be achieved by abandoning the system of dividing notaries into public and private notaries, as is done in all European countries.

The government of Ukraine also insists on the transition to the self-regulation of the notary profession. If the law is passed, the executive must delegate several powers and social responsibilities to the professional self-regulation body of notaries.

One of the benefits of such changes will be the availability of legal services to all population segments.

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