In Canada Paved Cycling Route in the Form of the Coat of Arms of Ukraine

On August 22, a bicycle race and a march dedicated to the defenders of Ukraine were held in Edmonton
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In the Canadian city of Edmonton, the centre of the province of Alberta, a bicycle race and a walking march "dedicated to our defenders who courageously defend the Independence and freedom of Ukraine, our native land" took place. Consul general of Ukraine in Edmonton, Oleksandr Danileiko, also participated in the race.

"On the Independence Day of Ukraine, the State university of Ukraine in Edmonton and stand with Ukraine: Edmonton rallies held a bike ride and a procession through the central streets of Edmonton. The track of the bike ride was drawn up so that the coat of arms of Ukraine would form as a result," consulate general of Ukraine in Edmonton.

It is noteworthy that the end point of the walk and bike ride was the provincial parliament, where Olexandr Danileiko addressed all the participants and supporting event observers.

We remind you that a march occurred in France demanding that Russia be recognized as a terrorist state, and in New York, there was a race in vyshyvankas supporting Ukraine.

Glory to Ukraine and Canada!

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