In Cannes Collected €50.000 For Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, May 26, 2022
In Cannes Collected €50.000 For Ukraine

On May 24, a charity weber auction was held within the framework of the International "Cannes film festival"

On May 17, the annual film competition began in Cannes, France. The film festival lasts until May 28. A charity event auction in support of Ukraine took place at the halfway mark. The evening was organized by the state agency of Ukraine for cinema and the Ukrainian national pavilion at the International Cannes Film Festival.

According to Traveler Ukraine correspondents, the auction was held by well-known Ukrainian hosts — a family couple Yurii Horbunov and Kateryna Osadcha. Among the honored guests were:

  • Representatives of the mayor's office of Cannes;
  • World-famous artist Ivan Marchuk;
  • Head of the state film agency Maryna Kuderchuk;
  • Consul of Ukraine in France Serhii Yesaulov.

The artist Ivan Marchuk donated his paintings for auction. Marchuk is a Ukrainian artist who in 2007 was included in the list of geniuses of the modern world according to The Daily Telegraph.

The memory of the Ukrainian actor Pavel Li, who died in the battle for Irpin, was honored during the auction.

"Despite all the circumstances, the Ukrainian delegation is present today at the Cannes Festival, although not completely. After all, many Ukrainian actors, directors, and producers have changed the type of activity, replaced tuxedos with camouflage, cameras - automatic rifles, and learned to use drones for a completely different purpose," said the lead Yuryi Horbunov.

All present were attentive and thrilled to the auction. At the end of the evening, it was possible to collect €50 thousand from the sale of books with autographs, paintings, and performances. All the money will be transferred to the needs of Ukraine.

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