In Dnipro City, a Missile Threw People on the Roofs of Neighbours

On 30 of September, Russian armed forces kill residents in Dnipro in succession
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On the start of September 29, Russia destroyed the lives of several dozen families with its missiles

The occupiers sent a missile into a residential area downtown. More than 60 private houses were damaged, and at least 6 of them turned into dust with those sleeping there.

"The vortex you all saw in the photos is about 8 by 10 meters. People disappeared. Grandma Alla, mother Natasha, daughter Vasilis 12 years old and a boy Ivan, 8 years old. And a little dog Jack. No. I will be honest to the end. Some did not just disappear. They were found by the neighbours on the rooftops. In the neighbouring streets," the mayor of the city Boris Filatov told about the tragedy.

There are also animal victims who sat on the ruins of the house and the catch behind their masters. The red dog was recently rescued from a hot spot in Ukraine and sheltered people from the Dnipro. The dog was named patriotic — Krym (Crimea — ed.). A Russian rocket avenged them for saving souls…

The dog is deaf, stunned, and possibly blind. He was taken by animal control. And this is just the story of one.

On September 29, when the Dnipro went to bed, the occupiers fired 2 more missiles into the city's centre. One of the strikes struck the destroyed market. The second missile came to take the lives of people who were driving home on the last trip. As it turned out, the last trip in his life. The missile tore apart a motor municipal automobile organization in the city centre. During the missile strike, there were employees of 7 city routes. There are dead and wounded.

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