In Kyiv, 3 People Died Under the Rubble of a House

On October 17, as a result of the attack by the “Shaheds-136”, a young family was killed: a pregnant woman and her husband           
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Today at 6 in the morning, the people of Kyiv woke up in 3 stages: first from the air siren, then from the sound of flying kamikaze-drones, and then from the sounds of "Shahed-136" hitting residential buildings

11 drones were shot down by air defence, and 5 hit residential buildings

In one of the houses, 19 people and a kitty were saved.

This brave woman was rescued from the rubble and immediately hospitalized. Her name is Anna, she is 83 years old. Anna lives on the 3rd floor of the house where "Shahed-136" blew.

3 people, a family, could not be saved. Bodies of a 34-year woman in the 6th month of pregnancy and her husband were pulled out from under the rubble 2 hours ago. Rescue services continue to work at the scene.

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