In Lviv region opens factory for € 4 million

Tuesday, April 13, 2021
In Lviv region opens factory for € 4 million

A world-renowned Dutch company, Koudijs, opens a premium plant within a month

Koudijs Animal Nutrition has been producing vitamin and mineral feeding complexes for livestock since the late 19th century. Founded in Holland, over time spread across Europe and now, in partnership with a Ukrainian entrepreneur, opens a plant in the Lviv region, the village of Hilchitsi. The Ukrainian-Dutch enterprise Koudijs Ukraine already owns a plant for processing agricultural crops in the same area, and at the new plant, it is planned to manufacture and sell full-scale feeds, concentrates and premiums for cattle, rabbits and poultry.

The building of the plant was built, equipment was brought in, and start-up work by Polish and Dutch engineers is underway. The € 4 million plant is scheduled to open by the end of April 2021. "In Ukraine, there is the production of similar products: for example, in Dniepr there is a huge factory built 5-6 years ago. But progress has been slow. The most modern equipment, which will allow producing products of high quality" Dmitry Burban told in an interview with portal ZAXID.NET commercial director of Koudijs Ukraine.

The enterprise is fully automated and autonomous, which allows using a smaller number of hired forces approximately 105 people. The declared capacity is 1,500 tons of production per month.

"This investment was conceived primarily to meet the needs of the domestic market, as it has been developing well recently. This factory will have all the certificates necessary for export, so in the future, perhaps some premixes will be sold abroad," added Dmitry Burban.

Based on the data of the YouControl resource, the beneficial owners of Koudijs Ukraine are Lviv and Dutch entrepreneurs. The company is a member of the international corporation Royal De Heus, which specializes in the production and sale of animal feed and poultry.


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