In Mariupol’s Burnt Brick Boxes Still Live People

Ukrainians in Mariupol began to put up posters screaming for help: “MY CHILDREN ARE COLD!”
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The city of Mariupol. 2022 21 century. There is now a humanitarian catastrophe in a massive city with 7 giant industrial plants and the largest Ukrainian port, where more than 540.000 people lived before the war

Since February, the city has been under occupation: Ukrainians, literally held captive by the occupiers, are dying of disease, hunger, and thirst. Houses are burnt out, and people live in concrete boxes without windows, doors or even furniture. These boxes used to be flats. In Ukraine, November is a cold and rainy month; the beginning of winter.

Advisor to the mayor of Mariupol, Petr Andryushchenko, published a heartbreaking photo taken on Metallurgical Avenue (the centre of Mariupol) near the multi-storey building number 37. A desperate parent hung a poster with the inscription "WE ARE COLD! HELP" Also, on the house, there is an inscription with a spray can "Children are freezing! Where are the windows?" The invaders promise the townspeople to return the minimum civilisational conditions, such as windows and a centralised water supply.

But, as we can see, windows and water will return to the city only after the city's liberation. Unfortunately, not all children who froze to death in Mariupol will live to see the de-occupation.

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