In May the average cost of 1m² in Kyiv is $1305

Monday, May 17, 2021
In May the average cost of 1m² in Kyiv is $1305

The cost of housing in the capital is 7.3% higher than last year

Studio apartments underwent the biggest price changes — they became 21% more expensive. One-room apartments also experienced meaningful differences — the price increased by 15.3%. 2-room apartments increased by 6.3%. Instead, the same apartments with adjoining rooms went up by 0.5%.
In contrast, large flats became cheaper. That is why residents and guests of the capital can buy housing at 38.2% percent lower. Also, the price for four-room separate apartments became lower — more than 20.1%. On the contrary, three-room apartments have become more expensive — from 2.2 to 13.9%.

The most expensive district is still Shevchenkivskyi, while in Pecherskyi the cost of apartments began to decline.
The main reasons for the rise of such long-term investments include the growth of monetary resources of citizens, as well as low interest rates on deposits. Because of this, investors are willing to spend in the real estate sector more and more.

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