In the Waters of Turkey, the Ukrainian Warship Was Lowered

On 2 October, the launch of the new Ukrainian anti-submarine corvette type “Ada” took place
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The first lady of Ukraine, Olena Zelenska, reported that the Ukrainian combat ship designed Turkey appeared as a surface warship for the anti-submarine and anti-air defence of naval bases

Similar corvettes are on the bases of the Turkish armed forces and now will be the Ukrainian Navy.

The ship was named hetman Ivan Mazepa (in honour of the legendary Ukrainian hetman, president of Ukraine in 1687-1709) corvette was made in cooperation with Turkey. Work on the ship began in 2021. On October 2, 2022, a finished corvette was presented in Turkey. The new combat unit will include the composition of the Ukrainian Navy in 2024. The Ada-type vessel will be adapted to all existing types of anti-ship missiles.

"In Turkey, I had the honour to unleash a corvette that will serve Ukraine and, at the same time, will have a Turkish heart. Anti-submarine corvette type Ada Hetman Ivan Mazepa will be the first ship of this class for the Navy of Ukraine," solemnly declared Olena Zelenska.

Such collaboration among countries is particularly important in the context of changing foundations and military nature of the war. Turkey has created for Ukraine the first in its history ship class Ada, and thus provides excellent assistance in forming a new defence capable Ukraine.

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