Increase in Prices for Alcohol in Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, October 19, 2021
Increase in Prices for Alcohol in Ukraine

To enrich the country's budget, on October 19, the Ukrainian government decided to increase prices for individual units of spirits

The draft government decree has already been submitted to parliament for consideration. After the project is put into effect, retail prices for alcohol will be raised by several percent.

In detail:

  • Liquor and vodka products — an increase of 8.4%;
  • Cognac and brandy — by 4.8-8.3%;
  • Cider and Perry — 8.2-34.2%;
  • Vermouth and fermented drinks — 22%.

"The implementation of the draft resolution will provide an increase in revenues to the state and local budgets of about $11.391 million, a decrease in the number of deaths occurring due to alcohol consumption," the draft says.

The price increase applies to drinks, the actual strength of which is higher than "1.2% by volume units of ethyl alcohol, but not more than 22%".

 The project does not affect wines, sparkling wines, carbonated alcoholic drinks.

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