Increase of Online Purchases of Ukrainians

by Roman Cheplyk
Tuesday, December 28, 2021
Increase of Online Purchases of Ukrainians

Ukraine entered the top 10 European countries in terms of the average bill for payment for services on the Internet

In 2021, the average check for the purchase of services on the Internet from Ukrainian users grew by 134% — to $15.2

Against the backdrop of self-isolation in 2020, Ukrainians began to shop more often on the Internet like residents of other countries. Although quarantine restrictions have eased, users continue to shop online, which has already become a habit.

What are the most popular online services among Ukrainians in 2021

How popular categories for online shopping in Ukraine have grown compared to 2020:

  • Ticket operators (by 106%);
  • Online education (by 30%);
  • Software and IT services (by 22%);
  • Telecommunication services (by 8%).

If we analyze not the quantity, but the number of orders, then 44% of the total sales were received by ticket operators. This is 2.5 more than in 2020. Online training is in second place — 40%.

Most often, users make purchases spontaneously. For example, when they see an ad for a sushi delivery on Instagram, they order on the site. The same situation is with advertising of concerts of your favorite artists. According to the company, urgency and limited supply triggers go off in such cases, so people rush to buy tickets.

The best tool in promoting services has become advertising on social networks, especially discounts and promotional codes. Among social networks, Instagram is the leader, the share of online orders increased to 20.3% in 2021.

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