Increasing Chances of Obtaining Higher Education

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, January 27, 2022
Increasing Chances of Obtaining Higher Education

On 26 January, the government of Ukraine decided to increase the number of full-time scholarships from 40% to 45%

According to the Ministry of education and science, a corresponding change has already been made in the protocol for awarding scholarships to students of higher educational establishments. The change applies to all institutions of higher/vocational education and scientific institutions.

"The document regulates the procedure for awarding and paying scholarships, approved by the decision of the Cabinet of ministers of 12 July 2004,882 Scholarship issues," the Ministry of education and science informs.

How is the procedure for assigning payments to students going on now. The university's Academic Council assigns an equal limit of students for each course and specialization for all faculties and scientific departments. This limit is the students of the state order who will receive a scholarship from the country's budget. Previously, this limit was 35-40%, and now 40-45%.

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