Industrial Parks in Ukraine are Able to Create More than a Thousand Jobs

by Evheny Lazorenko
Friday, October 1, 2021

This will strengthen the economic potential of communities and create added value for Ukrainian industries  

"The economy of our state needs strong incentives for development. The development of industrial parks is, in particular, a way for people to stay in Ukraine and return here, live and work at home, in their own community. Thus, each hectare of the industrial park can create about 50 jobs. That is, the average industrial park is from a thousand or more employed citizens. This is an important indicator of economic development in the regions," said Chernyshov Oleksii, a minister of development of communities and territories of Ukraine.

Industrial park (IP) is a certain territory defined by normative documents, equipped with technological infrastructure, within which the participants of the industrial park can carry out economic activities in the field of industrial production, research, information and telecommunications. As an additional and significant bonus, companies operating in the industrial park have a number of tax and legislative benefits

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