Influencer Marketing: How it Works in Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, January 14, 2022
Influencer Marketing: How it Works in Ukraine

According to the "Influencer Marketing Hub", many consumers are more likely to pay attention to the products or services that are advertised by influencers

According to the portal Influencer, people and consumers often pay attention to a product or service recommendation from opinion bloggers, etc. Therefore, based on this, we can conclude that if a company or brand does not use this method of distribution of its product, it is likely to spend not only time recognizing and acquiring a customer base, but will lose a lot of money while a competitor fully used in this way.

The popularity of influencer marketing has doubled during 2021. Many popular brands plan to expand their advertising budgets during 2022 to spend on marketing from popular bloggers and other opinion leaders. This is not surprising because, over the past year, people's trust in bloggers has reached an unprecedented 92%, which significantly exceeds traditional advertising methods.

As for the Ukrainian market, it is probably too early to talk about a disaster for traditional advertising. Influence marketing in Ukraine is only gaining momentum and is gradually becoming an integral part of the marketing mix of more and more companies. 

While for several years of active development of influencer marketing globally, certain rules of the game have been formed in this field, the Ukrainian market is only at the beginning. Most of the world's largest companies have already developed and implemented certain procedures for working with opinion leaders and KPIs that can be used to evaluate the results of a campaign. Gradually, these standards are being implemented by the headquarters of brands in Ukrainian offices. However, unfortunately, no one removes the human factor from the scales.

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