Infographics: Industrial enterprise “Brick factory”

Thursday, January 28, 2021
Infographics: Industrial enterprise “Brick factory”

Industrial enterprise "Brick factory" in infographics. The facility is located in the city center. Exit to the main road of the city and a number of adjacent streets.


  1. Location
  2. Nearby objects
  3. History
  4. Property rights
  5. Special purpose
  6. Environmental and sanitary standards
  7. Connections
  8. Interior
  9. Goods
  10. Documents
  11. Video


  • Address: Kyiv region, Irpin city, Soborna 152 Str.
  • Total area: 38 hectares (21 hectares of land, 17 hectares - artificial lakes)
  • Price: $9 000 000


The facility is located in the city center.

Exit to the main road of the city and a number of adjacent streets.

There are stops in 3 minutes public transport.

Distance to Kiev - 10 km.

Nearby objects

  1. Bucha river: 450 m
  2. Lakes: 1500 yards
  3. Shopping mall: 100 m
  4. Gas station: 82 m
  5. General practice of family medicine outpatient clinic: 400 m
  6. Polyclinic: 1200 yards
  7. Residential complex: 800 m
  8. Public transport stop: 150
  9. Recreation park: 650 m
  10. Confectionery: 2 km
  11. School: 950 m
  12. Post office: 1.4 miles
  13. Railway station: 2.0 miles
  14. Bank: 1600 yards


Brick production stopped 10 years ago. Since 2010, part of the premises is rented by private entrepreneurs for various needs.

Non-leased buildings need to be renovated.

The lakes are privately owned and can be drained for further land use.

Property rights

The object is owned by a legal entity. The property was purchased at auction and was previously owned by the state.

Most of the buildings are rented by private entrepreneurs.

Special purpose

Object type: commercial real estate.

The purpose of the land plot is industrial activity.

Environmental and sanitary standards

Given the location of the object, it corresponds to all government sanitary and epidemiological norms.

The distance to the residential area is 550 meters, which makes it impossible to use the plot for the purposes of the chemical industry.

The activity takes place in accordance with the scheme agreed by the state sanitary-epidemiological service of the relevant administrative territory and approved in the manner prescribed by law.



Water supply

2 lines are drawn through the territory of the plant centralized state water supply.

Drainage is available in 2 buildings. Sewerage needs reconstruction.

Water pipes, diameter is 1500 mm.

Water consumption 1.8 m³.

Gas supply

A gas pipeline is connected to the territory medium pressure (5 kPa).

Electricity supply

2 mW. Own distribution station (10 kV) distributes electricity to 2 transformer stations, and through them - on all cases.

Most buildings have no light due to their long service life (10 years).

Reconstruction is needed.


Walls: brick 40 cm.

The floor: concrete.

Sockets: 1 piece for every 20 m / sq.

Wiring: open, in a flexible insulating sleeve directly on the walls and ceiling. The part needs to be replaced.

Lighting: industrial lamps, heating.


  • non-residential buildings 1 and 2-storey: 3 units
  • shop structures: 3 units
  • 2 gantry cranes
  • platform for weighing of freight transport
  • lakes: 2 units


On the territory of the plant there are 3 railways: one to the station "Irpin" and 2 for the internal use.

Internal pathways have not functioned for a long time use.

Gantry cranes: Gantry cranes 2 units.

Made in Hungary, 2007.


Extract from the state register of real rights to immovable property on the registration of property rights.

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