Innovative Medicine is Already in Ukraine

by Roman Cheplyk
Tuesday, December 7, 2021
Innovative Medicine is Already in Ukraine

Medicine had to take several years forward after the emergence of new viral diseases and critical thresholds

Therefore, in recent years, all medicine specialists have become more active. Some brainstorming and the study of further health problems gave unique Ukrainian discoveries.

The First Innovation in Ukraine — Fights in Virtual Reality

Labor pains in virtual reality are not a way to feel pain. It is an invention that allows you to move to a quiet place during childbirth, forgetting about the maternity ward and doctors. To do this, women in labor can use 3D glasses. Wearing glasses, the woman gets into the field, feels completely free and relaxed. Soothing music complements the picture. Such an innovation like 3D glasses is already being actively implemented in Kyiv maternity hospitals.

The program for monitor the progress of operations

Lviv students invented another virtual reality scenario. There, students develop a VR project to train their medical colleagues. They create special virtual reality glasses and a supplement to them. Thanks to this innovation, future physicians will be able to monitor the progress of actual operations.

Ukrainians who have succeeded abroad are helping their homeland fight cancer

Audubon Bioscience has Ukrainian founders. And they announced that, together with the online platform Microventures, they are ready to allocate about $350.000 of investments to Ukraine to fight cancer. The company itself does not stop at financial assets. It helps the biotechnology field by collecting tumor tissues, fluids, and cells after operations and diagnostic procedures.

Given such revolutionary discoveries and investments in Ukrainian medicine, it is hoped that the appalling statistics will soon be a thing of the past and that students will get a better education.


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