Interconnection of  Business and Garbage Sorting 

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, December 29, 2021
Interconnection of  Business and Garbage Sorting 

Large Ukrainian corporations have picked up the idea of sorting garbage and tried to popularize it among their clients

Ukrainian authorities are working on launching a circular economy. It is a phenomenon aimed at renewing resources and thus giving things the right to second life and reducing the amount of debris in the country.

In parallel with the development of the closed-loop economy project, businessmen from Ukraine are starting their environmental preservation projects. In 2013 in Dnipro (the regional center in the heart of Ukraine), the project Battery, give yourself up, was presented. The establishment of used batteries reception points soon became popular throughout the country. Business owners did not even have to make large deposits. It was enough to organize a small place in your office, shop, entertainment center, etc. In the shops, it was just cardboard boxes with a request not to dispose of batteries as Ukrainians used to, but to bring them for recycling during the next visit to the shop.

Today, the Ukrainian business went further. And already in many big cities of the country, the owners of their businesses are encouraging their customers to sort the garbage. One way is to set up on the territory private recreation areas and shops, and different colored garbage cans. Today there are areas for garbage sorting. For example, in many shopping centers of the country, it is possible to find waste sorting areas.

Thus environmental safety has attracted the attention of Ukrainian businesses, so now they are making efforts to develop in this area. The entrepreneurs decided to make their efforts and take action before the relevant laws came into force. 

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