Invaders in Mariupol Appointed a New “Mayor”

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, April 4, 2022
Invaders in Mariupol Appointed a New “Mayor”

On April 4, Russians and traitorous collaborators in a narrow circle chose and, without the consent of real voters, appointed a new head of the city

We do not recognize the new government in Mariupol, so we will call Konstantyn Ivashchenko, not the mayor of the city but the mayor of a group of traitors and their accomplices.

It is known that Ivashchenko is a member of the pro-Russian party banned in Ukraine — the opposition party For Life. A traitor to the motherland has a long track record characteristic of a traitor.

"He destroyed the largest machine-building enterprise in Ukraine. Robbed tens of thousands of workers. He joined the ranks of the OPF. Treasoned his country. This is a brief biography of the self-proclaimed "mayor" of Mariupol, Konstantyn Ivashchenko, with the support of the occupiers. Russian nazis do not get tired of breaking through the bottom of cynicism again and again. First, they bombed and took hostage our flourishing city. They starved and killed thousands of Mariupol residents. And now, Sabbaths are being held on the ruins with collaborators. In the end, all evil will be punished. Soon every war criminal and collaborator will pay for their actions", Mariupol city council.

The battle for Mariupol continues. The puppet government did not last long. Glory to Ukraine.

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