Invaders Near Kharkiv Destroyed Statues of Kyivan Rus Period

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, September 21, 2022
Invaders Near Kharkiv Destroyed Statues of Kyivan Rus Period

Not far from Izium, Russian barbarians smashed stone statues dating back to the 9th-13th centuries

Russia, which never ceases to brag about how Peter I to cut a window to Europe, but under Putin's rule, this window is persistently bricked up. And remains in the darkness of its barbarism and lack of culture. There are hundreds of proofs of Russian barbarism embodied on the territory of Ukraine: Russians do not deny themselves anything here and destroy unique monasteries, churches, museums, libraries and even school textbooks. Every monument of history and culture destroyed by the Russians on the territory of Ukraine is a tragedy for Ukrainians. And here is a new "gift" from the Russians: they destroyed the ancient stone statues of Polovtsian women, dating from the 9th-13th centuries. These statues were created by the masters of Kyivan Rus and stood for 13 centuries! But they did not survive the Russian attack.

"We, Ukrainians, respect our cultural heritage. Everyone can remember how, at the beginning of the war, monuments were surrounded by sandbags in the cities of Ukraine. The whole world saw these photos. Now we see how our monuments "interfere" with the Russian military — they destroyed stone Polovtsian women on mount Kremenets near Izium, Kharkiv region. The monuments date back to the 9th-13th centuries," Dmytro Lubinets, commissioner of the Verkhovna Rada for human rights.

With its barbaric activity, Russia constantly transgresses the norms of international law, specifically the 1954 Hague Convention for the protection of cultural property in the event of armed conflict. According to the Convention, which Russia has committed to comply with, "any seizure, destruction or willful damage to institutions dedicated to religion, charity, education, arts and sciences, historical monuments, works of art and science" is prohibited.

"Cultural sights in the Kharkiv region are the property of all mankind. However, Russia is obviously not interested in understanding the connections of human generations and studying history. The Russian Federation cuts out of history those pieces that it does not like, filling in the gaps with propaganda and lies," Dmytro Lubinets.

Minister of culture and information policy Oleksandr Tkachenko said that Ukraine will evacuate the remaining 8 stone women, which had stood unharmed for more than a thousand years before. We remind you that Russia is planned to be excluded from UNESCO.

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