Invest in Your Future — Purchase an Apartment in Kyiv

by Meifan Honcharuk
Tuesday, November 2, 2021
Invest in Your Future — Purchase an Apartment in Kyiv

Why is it worth investing in real estate in Ukraine?

Why is it worth investing in real estate in Ukraine?

The real estate market in Ukraine is up-and-coming. Due to the development of the Ukrainian economy, real estate prices in Kyiv are growing steadily, so now is the best time for purchasing property at a relatively low cost. In recent years many foreigners have tended to buy properties in Kyiv. 

Why purchasing real estate is the best investment:

  • A safe and reliable way to save money; 
  • The opportunity to receive long-term profit, for example, if you rent out an object;
  • The widest selection of real estate objects, which allows you to select the most suitable option, based on financial capabilities; 
  • The ability to sell the object in the future at a better price or use it for personal purposes;
  • Low risks compared to other investment methods. 

Investments in real estate will never "burn out", the price of an object will never fall to zero, even if the cost of an apartment or house decreases. 

The price of real estate depends on the class of property and the location. 


Location factor

The Dnipro river divides Kyiv into the right and left banks. The closer the apartments are to the city center, the more expensive they are. The center of Kyiv is on the right bank, which means there is a convenient transport interchange and a well-developed infrastructure. That's why the right bank is considered more expensive and comfortable for living in.

Prices on the left bank of Kyiv are a little cheaper due to the remoteness from the center. The advantages are green spaces, modern infrastructure and lower costs for real estate compared to the right bank.

Property classes

Potential buyers can find any property here, whether it's economy, comfort, business, or elite class property. Apartments differ in the following factors:

  • Location of the construction site;
  • Architecture;
  • The layout of apartments;
  • The condition of the apartments at the time of commissioning;
  • Arrangement of entrance groups;
  • Quality of building materials;
  • Improvement of the territory;
  • Security level;
  • Presence/absence of parking spaces.

Prices for m² in the new buildings according to the Kyiv real estate market statistics:

  • Economy — $849,7 m²
  • Comfort — $1028 m²
  • Business — $1882 m²
  • Premium — $2930 m²

Is it difficult for a foreigner to buy real estate in Ukraine?

Not at all! Ukrainian legislation contains practically no restrictions on the possibility for foreigners to purchase real estate in Ukraine. Foreign citizens have the whole right to dispose of real estate at their discretion: lease it, exchange it, sell it, pledge it and inherit it. 

You can find more information about the documents required for concluding a real estate purchase and sale agreement in our article Can Foreigners Buy Property in Ukraine?

Buying real estate can sometimes be complicated due to the language barrier and the complexity of processing documents. That's why you might need help from the side. GT Invest — operator of business processes in Ukraine. We can guarantee fast and high-quality work since our professionals have many years of experience in this field. GT Invest can help you find a property according to your criteria and collect all the documents required for the real estate purchase.

Ukraine is developing rapidly and the real estate market is getting more expensive and popular every year. Invest in your future with GT Invest!

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