Investing in the Oil and Gas Sector of Ukraine

by Meifan Honcharuk
Monday, May 8, 2023
Investing in the Oil and Gas Sector of Ukraine

"Ukrnafta" updates production facilities and launches new wells

The head of the Ukrainian private joint-stock company Ukrnafta reported that the reorganisation and technical work at the company's facilities increased daily oil production by more than 100 tons. One of the tools for achieving this result was the transition of the well on the Eastern resource field to another horizon. In total, plus 34.1 tons of oil per day. Since the end of March 2023, Ukrnafta has extracted 1.100 tons of oil and 100.000 m³ of oil gas from this well of the Eastern field.

Complex technical projects were implemented at other 10+ deposits. Thus, the output of some wells increased by more than 100 daily tons of oil and approximately 30.000 m³ of gas.

Third-party investors can participate in Ukrnafta's projects because the company already plans to launch a 5-year program to increase production this year. Already this year, it is planned to increase by 6% and drill 3 new wells and new sleeves and already developed wells.

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