Investment and Technology Promotion Office Opens

Tuesday, July 27, 2021
Investment and Technology Promotion Office Opens

Within the framework of membership in the "United Nations Industrial Development Organization" an investment and technology promotion office will be created in Ukraine

The Ministry of strategic industries has been determined as the main central executive body responsible for fulfilling the obligations arising from Ukraine's membership in the United Nations Industrial Development Organization. At present, work is underway to establish a UNIDO office in Ukraine.

Such membership will open up new opportunities in the use of UNIDO's expert, technical and financial capabilities for the implementation of joint projects in Ukraine.

The Ministry of strategic industries is currently working on the creation of the center for certification of products made of special steels, alloys and metallurgical materials science on the basis of the state enterprise UkrNIISpetsstal. This will help to increase exports of competitive steel products made of special steels and alloys certified according to international standards.

UkrNIISpetsstal is a state enterprise of Ukrainian research institute special steels, alloys and ferroalloys.

Ukraine will participate in the summit of the United Nations on food issues. This is reported by the director of the institute of bioresources and natural resources. According to her, the summit will discuss such issues as agroecology, the issue of climate change in the world and social aspects of these problems.

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