Investments in Agro-Food Sectors Increase in Ukraine

Monday, September 6, 2021
Investments in Agro-Food Sectors Increase in Ukraine

Recently, Mykola Kysil, a leading researcher at the Investment and logistics department of the national research center Institute of Agrarian Economics, commented on the data published by the state statistics service of Ukraine on the volume of capital investments for January-June 2021

Capital investments in the agri-food sectors of the economy in January-June 2021 amounted to $1,2 mln, of which $800,000 (67,5%) were in agriculture, hunting, and related services.

In addition to the above areas, Ukraine is also developing investments in forestry and logging $11,500 mln (1,1%), fisheries $518 mln, and the production of food, beverages, and tobacco $332,000 (31,4%).

“The average share of capital investments in January-June 2016-2020, in their total annual volumes in agriculture, is 41,0%, and in the food industry 43,1%. Based on this proportion and given the possible strengthening of the impact of positive factors, it should be expected that total capital investment in agriculture in January-December 2021 could amount to $1,700-1,900 bln, and in the food industry - $750-887 bln, Mykola Kysil predicted.

According to him, this will be facilitated by the expected rise in prices for agricultural and food products in global and domestic markets, strengthening the investment attractiveness of the food industry, returning investors to the implementation of postponed investment projects, improving security conditions, and other factors.

“Strengthening measures to intensify investment processes in the agri-food sectors will contribute to the development of the entire economy," Mykola Kysil summed up.

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