Investments in Gas Production in Ukraine and Modernization of Mines  

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, January 26, 2022
Investments in Gas Production in Ukraine and Modernization of Mines   

Ukrainian gas company “DTEK” invested about $670 mln and increased gas production by 12%

In 2021, DTEK Oil and Gas company invested around $670 mln in field development and increased gas production by 12%, to 2.06 bln m3.

 The company completed the construction of 4 new wells and overhauled 7 wells of the existing well stock.

 “System investments and introducing the latest, previously unavailable technologies in Ukraine allow us to increase gas production from year to year and remain the industry leader. At the end of 2021, we set a new record for gas production for the private sector, and in 2022 we plan to double our investments. This will allow the company to increase production in the coming years,” commented Ihor Shchurov, DTEK Oil and Gas CEO.

 In September, ahead of the construction schedule, the company commissioned a block refrigeration unit at the Machukhske field, and a month later, it implemented the first integrated model of digital twins of fields in Ukraine, fully digitizing the Semyrenkovske field.

 Also, DTEK Oil&Gas was the first in Ukraine to use depth cameras to survey wellbores. Also, DTEK investing-in-ukraine/business-opportunities/energy/" rel="dofollow">Energy, for the first time in Ukraine, applied several digital technologies at the Yubileina mine (Dnipro region) to improve the safety of miners.

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