Investments in the Kyiv School of Economics

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, January 14, 2022
Investments in the Kyiv School of Economics

Ukrainian Delivery Giant “Nova Poshta” has invested $216.321 in the KSE

Kyiv School of Economics provides support for the center for economic journalism. Since the beginning of last year, has introduced scholarships for students of the master of economic analysis program. It is planned that the scholarships will allow 10 talented entrants almost wholly to cover the cost of study.

Nova Poshta has decided to increase the assistance of the School of Economics in 2021 and supplemented the annual contributions with a grant to create comfortable conditions for studying and working in the new school building. According to the company, the floor will be student life and administrative. Also, instead of auditoriums, open space will be placed on it, where strategies for new projects will be discussed, and the quality of qualification of existing school staff will be increased. Thanks to the convenient concept of mobile workplace location, 140 students and employees of the company will comfortably perform their tasks and work on the floor. It is planned that hundreds of students and team members or just guests will be able to spend time in a space that tells the success of companies and people who develop them and the remarkable stories of cooperation that change the reality around them.

It will be recalled that Nova Poshta is a leader in the Ukrainian logistics market. The company's network consists of more than 8.500 branches throughout Ukraine, and the number of shipments in 2020 alone exceeded 318 million.

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