Israel Will Continue Helping Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, April 5, 2022
Israel Will Continue Helping Ukraine

The state of Israel, which has taken an ambiguous position regarding the war against Ukraine, has decided to provide medical assistance to the soldiers of our country

On March 6, Israel announced its decision to help the defenders of Ukraine and sent a field hospital to our country. On March 15, she received a hospital and all the necessary equipment. Since then, the hospital, which was established in Lviv, has been operating and saving the lives of our servicemen at the hands of Ukrainian doctors. The structure of the field hospital is divided separately for men, women, and maternity wards.

On April 4, Nitzan Horowitz, Israel's minister of health, visited a hospital in Lviv and assured that Israel will continue to provide medical care to Ukraine and help our citizens.

"The Russian military is violating any rules of war and human morality in Ukraine — they are firing on medical facilities and medical workers. That's why Ukraine needs armored ambulances, bulletproof vests and helmets for doctors, and mobile X-rays," Oleksii Yaremenko, Ukraine's deputy minister of health.

In the coming days, the Ministry of healthcare of Ukraine will send a request to Israeli partners for the necessary equipment and facilities.

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