Israeli Promises

by Roman Cheplyk
Tuesday, February 21, 2023
Israeli Promises

On February 20, Israel parliamentarians stated that partly readiness to provide Ukraine with iron doms  

On Monday, a delegation from Israel arrived in Kyiv. The parliamentary delegation headed by Yuli Edelstein, head of the International Policy Defense Committee, learned enough about the course of the Russian-Ukrainian war and the needs of Kyiv. After a visit by respected politicians, The Jerusalem Post reported on Israel’s decision to transfer air defence systems to Ukraine. The publisher relies on a source from the Ministry of External affairs.

Earlier, Ukraine asked Israel for military assistance, but Jerusalem was prepared to provide only humanitarian aid. In early February, Deutsche Welle reported that Israel was changing its policy of supporting Ukraine in the war against the aggressor. It was planned to consider providing Kyiv with the Iron Dome system.

So far, neither the Ukrainian nor the Israeli sides have made an open statement. Therefore, the possibility of Ukraine obtaining one of the most potent air defence systems in the world remains just an opportunity.

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