IT-company “Digicode” bought “Intellica Group”

Friday, August 13, 2021
IT-company “Digicode” bought “Intellica Group”

Digicode explained that the purchase will help the company strengthen its team in Blockchain, Big Data, AI ML

The amount of the deal was not disclosed. According to the estimates of the managing partner of AVentures Capital, Evgeny Sysoev, Intellica could have been sold for $ 1-2 million.

Intellica specializes in software development in the field of Blockchain, Big Data, AI / ML, as well as providing classic outsourcing services. 

“To support the growing demand from European customers, Digicode was looking for an opportunity to buy a company in Europe with a good reputation and customer base, as well as strong technical expertise.

This deal will enable Digicode to enter the European market through a large portfolio of clients and resources to respond to new" rel="dofollow">business opportunities.

Moreover, this deal will help both companies increase their annual growth by 30%. 

The Intellica team will have full access to Digicode's community and internal educational initiatives, as well as contact with the technical staff and the CTO office. Digicode promises that it will not change the corporate culture in Intellica in any way.

As Vladimir Lyulka clarified in a comment to AIN.UA, Intellica will continue to work under its own brand with a focus on the European market.

Digicode is incorporated in Dallas, Texas. However, she already has many offices in Ukraine and Europe. According to DOU, Digicode development centers are located in Kiev, Poltava, Minsk and Bratislava. Digicode employs 350 people.

The company is headed by Ukrainian Maxim Masliy.

Intellica has about 40 employees. Its founders are Vladimir Lyulka (former CEO of the BrainBasket educational foundation) and Alexander Karichensky. They will remain partners in the company after the acquisition of Digicode.

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